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MadCap Flare does a very good job in importing FrameMaker documents.

We will add the final polishing. Which easily can cut down your process from days to minutes.

We are busy - and we enjoy it. So here we go again. Seven plugins for all MadCap Flare 11 and 12 users.

Use the Plugin Manager for license managment. If needed, use Archive Manager to restore affected files in a process.

Use Style Replacer to replace one style with another. Use Topic Splitter to produce as many topics from one source as you need. Rename all files in a folder with Batch Rename. Now you can convert the contents of a table cell into a snippet. Try out Snippet Creator. Do not get lost in too many variables - merge them into one with Variable Merge.

MadCap Flare is an awesome product. In so many ways. We would like to chip in with our "two cents worth", and bring some extra value to Flare.

More precisely to the daily work of the technical writer. We will be releasing a wide range of small, easy-to-use, and highly productive plugins which we know will help the technical writer to writing faster, and meeting deadlines with a smile. Above all we wish to maintain and enhance the experience within MadCap Flare.

Sincerely, the pluqin team.

" pluqin offers MadCap Flare users some great plugin resources to make tasks such as replacing styles so much faster and easier.

A wonderful resource for Flare users!"

-Jennifer Morse,

Product Evangelist

MadCap Software, Inc.

Archive Manager

Control your backups and restores.


Plugin Manager

Handle purchase and license registration.


Style Replacer

Replace one style with another.

30 USD

Topic Splitter

Split one topic into many

30 USD

Batch Rename

Rename all files in a folder - fast

30 USD

Variable Merge

Clean up and merge variable sets into one

30 USD

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